Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Memory Place-mats with the kiddo's

Last year on New Years I was needing a serious break from responsibilities.    Needless to say I don't even think we told the kids it was new years and Jeff and I were in bed by 9:00.  The following day I had regained my energy and we officially celebrated New Years.   We made these fun memory place mats and can't wait to make them again this year and then I hope to have a collection for the grandkids one day!

Large construction paper
Paints, markers and pictures

We had the kids think through the year and what they did, were a part of or a fun memory.  Then we painted their hands and then they got to working adding their thoughts.   Jake made a dog house with his dad using real tools.  He was also the drummer in the 4th of July parade at my parents.   Ha ha ha I just noticed that he labeled his hands.   He's not much for writing.  My funny boy!

 I had to help faith the most but I think she got the hang of it.  She was excited to write her ABC's out to symbolize starting school and I was all to pleased to let her.

 Kelsey did a wonderful job all her little notes and memories from the year even things only she know.  I think she trimmed the laminations a little close which let to the marker bleeding.  Next year a thicker trim around the paper.

Once you have what you like you can take it to Kinko's and get it laminate or if you have your own you can run it through the laminator and your done.

I'm so excited I think Jeff and I might join in the tradition this year too!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick kids craft

This is great for christmas.  We just did this today for a christmas present.  As we got started I got to thinking it would make a great post for my blog.  So here it is in it's quick short version.  Just the kind of posts I can handle during the holidays!
Supplies:  Delta Porcelain Paints, hole punch renforcement stickers, brush(s) and porcelain object.

 Place stickers on object.  I let kids do this and it doesn't really matter anyway it's a craft for them and will be from them too!

 Use the surface prep in all the sticker holes and any where else you are planning to paint.
 Let that dry and then paint away.  I would recommend thin coats and not doing more than one.  We found that the thick ones peeled off with the sticker while the thiner ones left the paint nice and neat.

Let dry and then peel off stickers.  Leaving cute fun colorful dots.

Done.  Or you if you have porcelain paint pens you can add a design, date, names, message, etc.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Sew Beanie

First I took a men's sweater I found at Goodwill for $1.99
1)  Cut off the lower half (so the hem is already done).  Cutting size 9x22 (large head)
2)  Fold rectangle in half right sides together. Sew and serge
3) With rectangle folded in 1/2 mark up 6in on each side and cut a semi-circle.  So it's 6in on the side and the full 9in in the middle then back to 6in on the other side.  Sew and serge.
4)  Fold in half the other way and repeat step 3. So you should have a sewn X on top and one side seam.
5)  Sew on a fun patch and you are done.  This is for my dad who as you might have guessed is an NRA kinda guy.

Then I remembered he (my dad) prefers ear muff to having his whole head covered.
So I cut a pattern 2 1/2 wide and dip downs about where my ears where.  (I made a 1/2 pattern and then folded the fabric in uses less paper :)

Cut out some felt ovals for nice and snug ears.  Sew them on the right side of the fabric.  I used a zig zag stitch which is very forgiving on round edges. Then with the right side together sew around the edges leaving one end open.  Turn right side out, and finish of the open end.  Because I didn't have my dad on hand and I was in a bit of a time crunch I just finished the ends with velcro.  So he can make it as snug as he needs.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Activity

This one has quickly become our family favorite tradition.  I saw this at a friends house many years ago and each year we add a new twist.  This year the doors and windows found there way into a beautiful house complete with a car bringing home a christmas tree.  Sorry about the  pictures I took them on my phone and didn't realize till now that they are blurry.  But you can still get the idea.

Glue stick
Exacto Knife and surface to cut on (I use a cork board square)

I drew a basic house outline
and got out the magazines for the kids to look through.

STEP 2 we glued them all in place for our Advent House

STEP 3 Draw on it adding any and all details they wanted.  Then I added the title from construction paper.  I loved just sitting and cutting!

STEP 4 Cut around 3 side of the doors and windows.

STEP 5 glue white paper on the back and write in the fun activities in.    Some are super duper exciting like go ice skating and others are things we are already doing.  Go to the market and get cookie supplies :).  I've listed some ideas to get you started.

Go to the library/bookstore and look for some fun christmas books
Make cookies
Make cards for friends
Deliver cards
Read a chapter of a fun advent book (I've heard Jotham's Journey is fantastic)
Make a christmas list
Go get a tree
Decorate the tree
Decorate your room

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recycled Rug

I have this boring plain light colored rug.  Mainly it's the light color that bothers me.  It seems we have the BLACKEST road right out front of our apartment.  That's why this rug needs to be washed like 3 times a day.  So I decided to stop fighting the darkness and embrace it.

Fabric dye
Freeze paper
old rug
STEP 1: Cut out your pattern with freeze paper then iron it on.

STEP 2: Dye it.  I used a Jaquard fabric dye.  I added some water into a spray bottle and then got to spraying.  Or actually Kelsey did.

STEP 3: Peel off the freezer paper.  Let dry and for my dye I had to iron the back side to heat set the dye.   YEAH now I don't have to be so annal about the washing of my entry rug!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Girls Apron

Girl Apron size 7-10 (size 4-6)

3 different materials MC=Main Color, AC=Accent Color and TC=Trim color

Trim - Optional for top ruffle, you can use lace, eyelet, etc. measure 11.25 (9.75)
Top Ruffle - AC cut 2 1.75x11.75 (1 x 10)
Apron Top - MC cut 2 9 x 12.5 (7.5 x 11.5)
Waste band - AC cut 2 55 x 3 (2.5 x 54)
Apron Bottom - MC cut 2 25 x 11(9 x 20)
Apron Trim - Optional Piping 5in (same)
Apron Pocket - AC Cut 2 5 x 4.5 (same)
Ruffle - TC cut 2 62 x 3 (2.5 x 62)
Ruffle Trim - optional rick rack 62 in (same)
Ribbon - for neck strap. You can measure the desired length for you girl.  I did mine at 17in You can also you extra TC fabric and make your own.

STEP 1: Cut all pieces above.
STEP 2: Round edges on Pocket, Apron Top, Apron Bottom and Waste Band as follows.
Fold pocket in half, mark curve and then cut.
 Fold Apron Top in 1/2 measure out 4.5 (3.75) from the fold, this is the top, mark and curve down to edge as in picture above, then cut.
 Your pieces should look like this now.
Round edges of waste band.

STEP 3: Piecing.  Sew any pieces together to form desired measurement.  I had to sew together my ruffle and waste band pieces to get the desired length.

 STEP 4: Pocket.  Place piping with raw edges toward the top of the pocket sandwiched between pocket pieces, right side together.
Sew around pocket leaving about a 2 in opening on the side.  Make sure to sew as close to the piping as you can.  You may need to use a zipper or pipping foot to do that.
 Turn right side out and iron.  You have a beautiful pocket!

 STEP 5: Ruffle & Rick rack.  Sandwich rick rack between both ruffle pieces right side together.  Stitch along the edge making sure you are stitching down the middle of the rick rack.
 Press open and then press in half.  You can set this aside for later.
 STEP 6: Ruffle top. Sandwich the ruffle/lace in between the ruffle fabric right sides together. Like we did in the pocket.  In the this step you want to make sure the edge of the ruffle is 1/4in away from the edge of the fabric so when you turn in out the ruffle is loose and pretty.
Sew around 3 side (2 short side and 1 long)
It should look like this.  You can clip the corners turn and press.
So it will look like this (below).  You can then gather the raw edges with a gathering stitch.  This is basically the longest stitch length you can put your straight stitch on.  Then tie one end and on the opposite end pull just one thread and you'll start gathering the fabric.  You won't need to gather much just enough to fit in the top of the Apron Top.
Then pin the gather edge to the top of the Apron Top pieces as follows.
Place the ribbon in here where you want it to go for the neck strap. *Note you don't see the strap in this picture cause I forgot and had to go back and do some seam ripping*  Place the other Apron Top piece on top (as pictured below) and pin in place.  Also like we did in the top ruffle you'll want to make sure the edges of the ruffle are 1/4 of an in away from the edges.  So when you sew down the side the ruffle doesn't get stitched in.
Then sew along the sides and top, leaving the bottom open.
Turn right side out and press.  It should look like this now.  Place your Apron Top aside for later.
STEP 7: Bottom ruffle.  We'll go back to the bottom ruffle we made in step 5 and gather the raw edge just like we did with the top ruffle.  You'll need to gather it to fit along the apron bottom.   Sorry about no pictures of this step.  I started talking with a neighbor.  The hazards of having your sewing area in the garage you get a lot of folks stop by with the "Whatcha Doing" and there you go and forget to take pictures.
Pin the ruffle in place and sew (or if you pinned really good sandwich the other Apron piece on top and sew).  Sew around all three side leaving the top open.
Turn right side out and press.  Your piece should look like this now.
STEP 8: Sew on pocket. Place the pocket on the Apron Bottom position where you want and then stitch around all 3 sides leaving the top open.  I used a zig zag stitch with black you'll never see it and if I don't stitch to straight you can't tell either.  (still talking with my neighbor and working at this point, sorry again no pic)

STEP 9: Gather raw edges of MC fabric.  When you have the length you desire.  I gathered mine to 18 in. Then pin one piece of your waste band right sides together,  matching centers of both the apron bottom and waste band.  Sew from ruffle edge to ruffle edge.  Press up when you are done.
Again some more picture fail.. still talking sewing and picture taking...multitasking at it's finest!  On the opposite edge of the waste band (same piece you just sewed) pin the Apron Top raw edges together.  Then sandwich the other waste band piece on top with right side together, as pictured below.

STEP 10: Finishing waste band. With the other waste band piece pinned at center front.
Sew starting at center front and go all the way around the waste band edge and just over the ruffle folding it in.

When you are done it should look like this.  Do this again for the other side. Then clip around the rounded edge and snip the corner too.  Turn it right side out and press.
Your apron should look just about done with an opening on the back side just at the apron bottom.  Fold down the raw edge with your iron as it is below.
you can use your zig zag or staight stitch (such as a stitch in the ditch) to close it.

You are done. Enjoy! I haven't gotten a change to take a completed picture on Faith yet.  When I do I'll post it.