I'm not 100% sure where this idea came from but it evolved.. wanting to be green not being part of the whole consumerism or at least not as much, wanting to have more creative outlets or challenges and the last part so I can look cool with my kids! The idea is to make all or at least most of all gifts that our family gives for birthdays, holidays and/or any other reason you give gifts. It all kinda started when I had knee surgery and couldn't oh drive to get a gift, and when I could drive handling the kids, crutches, purse and a gift seems like way to much for me. So I had the bright idea to make them. I've made little girl aprons, knit frog and toad amigurumi dolls, knit star wars amigurumi dolls, cardboard star wars figures, art tots, cars tots, fabric dolls, personals bags (Thanks to my very amazing cuz and her great blog, knit scarves, beanies, booties, and more. Once I get a the hang of this whole blog thing I'll try and get some directions posted for some of the projects. For now heres a few pics.


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