What is the Basement?

Have a blog! Have a blog? that's my response. A blog and I don't even know what it is let alone how to have one. But I believe you find out how to do something by doing it. So here it is. I love creating and making, although I get bogged down with my "to do" list and responsibilities and lose my way. This blog is my accountability to all things creative.

So why the basement? Well that is an actually physical place where a relationship with an artist grew. I spent many a summer down in that basement learning my way around oil paints, perspective, canvas and photos. Discovering how to cast molds of old frames (which she "the artist" restored for museums), and discovering bolts of fabric or making just about anything.

So when thinking of a blog title, I didn't want a title that was too much art, sewing, cooking, homeschooling or what ever else I do or create. So, The Basement was the choice for me. I hope you enjoy this little collection of creative efforts that make up my life.


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