Denim - Part 2

Mommy's new teal jeans

I saw some cute teal corduroy jeans for around $250 as much as I loved them I couldn't bear to spend that much on 1 pair of jeans. So I had an old worn black pair of boot leg jeans that were more faded than black and got the idea to turn them into something new.

-Pair of jeans
-Fabric dye
-String or rope
-Sewing Machine and supplies

Step 1
-Tie up your old pair of jeans

Step 2
Bleach in washer

Step 3 - After I had the desired lightness I untied the jeans.

Step 4 - Dye them.
Follow the instructions for the dye you got. Also be sure you get dye for the type of fabric you are dying.

Step 5: Sewing
Turn inside out and seam rip the hem, inseam and side seam up to the knee. I had a pair of jeans I liked the tapper or inseam of so I measured them for the hem width (bottom width of the jean). Divide that in 1/2, make a mark on the center of the new jeans and measure out that distance. Then measure up tapering into the current seam at the knee. Stitch down inseam & side seam. Roll-up the hem stitch and down

Step 5- Having fun wearing your new jeans!


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