Easy Car Track 2 Go

I'm all for the quick easy, cheap presents that are totally AWESOME!  I love to make little quick projects that kids love!  This one is my new favorite simply because it's so quick and easy.  Also it's so fun to take with you.  I wish I had done this for Jake when he was little he would have taken it everywhere.  I really think this would have been great in the doctors office too.  I'm hoping to get my hands on some pink denim and do a set for Faith.

Old pair of Jeans (I used my daughter age 11)
Yellow fabric paint
paint brush
Old zipper (you can just seam rip the one out of the jeans you are using)
Sewing stuff

Cut legs of jeans off as high up as you can. Then cut off the leg bottom near the ankle (this will be the fanny pack) go up about 6 in or more and cut and set aside.

Then cut out the shapes for the track.  I like to have at least one 4 way stop, a lot of straights and a few curves.  Get as creative as you want or jean allow.  I made mine about 4-5 in thick so a car could drive on one side.

Paint lines on "roads" and let dry

Inside/Wrong side of fabric view.

While the paint is drying get the bottom of one leg and cut up one side.  Then measure down about 2 inch from the cut edge and draw a straight line on the inside or wrong side of the fabric. Make it as long as your zipper.  Measure down 1/4 and draw another line and do the one more time.  You should have 3 lines for a total width of 1/2 inch.  Mark the side and stitch around the outside of the rectangle.  Cut down the center line and into the corner.  iron back the edges.   Then glue stick the edges of the zipper and glue on the inside/wrong side of the fabric.  Put on your zipper foot and stitch around it.  SUPER EASY!  Now stitch on some loops. Then stitch the 3 side up turn inside out and your done!  It's really easy I'm not sure my directions are as easy as it really is.  Maybe I'll do a picture tutorial or video. For now here it is.


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