What's in your PURSE?

Well ok it's not really what's in your purse but weather or not you made it!  I made my first purse last year  from a pattern in a book called "Bend the Rules Sewing".  I had a picture my daughter did of a bird when she was 3.  It was just amazing!  She's an artist for sure.  Anyway I wanted to do more than just put it on the fridge so I brought it to life in a purse.  I can't even tell you how many compliments I got on my purse I actually had a lady hunt me down in the mall to ask where I got my purse.  Anyway here it is.

I did a few pockets one for my phone and one for all the little stuff I can never find at the bottom of my purse.  
Well it's become on of those things.  Now my son wants me to take one of his drawings into a purse.  As much as I love my "bird" purse it's just to big.  I end up putting to much in it and then it would be way to heavy.  So I came up with my own pattern a little of a smaller purse and tried to incorporate my son's "boy drawing" and found I need a bit of pink and ruffles to fem it  up a bit.  Here is that purse

 I added a zipper pocket this time.  I found that when the bag was on my shoulder and I bent over all those little things would fall out.  So I'm zipping them up this time.  I'm hoping to have some time and do a tutorial or put up some patterns for this second purse I created.  


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