Advent Activity

This one has quickly become our family favorite tradition.  I saw this at a friends house many years ago and each year we add a new twist.  This year the doors and windows found there way into a beautiful house complete with a car bringing home a christmas tree.  Sorry about the  pictures I took them on my phone and didn't realize till now that they are blurry.  But you can still get the idea.

Glue stick
Exacto Knife and surface to cut on (I use a cork board square)

I drew a basic house outline
and got out the magazines for the kids to look through.

STEP 2 we glued them all in place for our Advent House

STEP 3 Draw on it adding any and all details they wanted.  Then I added the title from construction paper.  I loved just sitting and cutting!

STEP 4 Cut around 3 side of the doors and windows.

STEP 5 glue white paper on the back and write in the fun activities in.    Some are super duper exciting like go ice skating and others are things we are already doing.  Go to the market and get cookie supplies :).  I've listed some ideas to get you started.

Go to the library/bookstore and look for some fun christmas books
Make cookies
Make cards for friends
Deliver cards
Read a chapter of a fun advent book (I've heard Jotham's Journey is fantastic)
Make a christmas list
Go get a tree
Decorate the tree
Decorate your room


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