Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Memory Place-mats with the kiddo's

Last year on New Years I was needing a serious break from responsibilities.    Needless to say I don't even think we told the kids it was new years and Jeff and I were in bed by 9:00.  The following day I had regained my energy and we officially celebrated New Years.   We made these fun memory place mats and can't wait to make them again this year and then I hope to have a collection for the grandkids one day!

Large construction paper
Paints, markers and pictures

We had the kids think through the year and what they did, were a part of or a fun memory.  Then we painted their hands and then they got to working adding their thoughts.   Jake made a dog house with his dad using real tools.  He was also the drummer in the 4th of July parade at my parents.   Ha ha ha I just noticed that he labeled his hands.   He's not much for writing.  My funny boy!

 I had to help faith the most but I think she got the hang of it.  She was excited to write her ABC's out to symbolize starting school and I was all to pleased to let her.

 Kelsey did a wonderful job all her little notes and memories from the year even things only she know.  I think she trimmed the laminations a little close which let to the marker bleeding.  Next year a thicker trim around the paper.

Once you have what you like you can take it to Kinko's and get it laminate or if you have your own you can run it through the laminator and your done.

I'm so excited I think Jeff and I might join in the tradition this year too!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick kids craft

This is great for christmas.  We just did this today for a christmas present.  As we got started I got to thinking it would make a great post for my blog.  So here it is in it's quick short version.  Just the kind of posts I can handle during the holidays!
Supplies:  Delta Porcelain Paints, hole punch renforcement stickers, brush(s) and porcelain object.

 Place stickers on object.  I let kids do this and it doesn't really matter anyway it's a craft for them and will be from them too!

 Use the surface prep in all the sticker holes and any where else you are planning to paint.
 Let that dry and then paint away.  I would recommend thin coats and not doing more than one.  We found that the thick ones peeled off with the sticker while the thiner ones left the paint nice and neat.

Let dry and then peel off stickers.  Leaving cute fun colorful dots.

Done.  Or you if you have porcelain paint pens you can add a design, date, names, message, etc.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Sew Beanie

First I took a men's sweater I found at Goodwill for $1.99
1)  Cut off the lower half (so the hem is already done).  Cutting size 9x22 (large head)
2)  Fold rectangle in half right sides together. Sew and serge
3) With rectangle folded in 1/2 mark up 6in on each side and cut a semi-circle.  So it's 6in on the side and the full 9in in the middle then back to 6in on the other side.  Sew and serge.
4)  Fold in half the other way and repeat step 3. So you should have a sewn X on top and one side seam.
5)  Sew on a fun patch and you are done.  This is for my dad who as you might have guessed is an NRA kinda guy.

Then I remembered he (my dad) prefers ear muff to having his whole head covered.
So I cut a pattern 2 1/2 wide and dip downs about where my ears where.  (I made a 1/2 pattern and then folded the fabric in uses less paper :)

Cut out some felt ovals for nice and snug ears.  Sew them on the right side of the fabric.  I used a zig zag stitch which is very forgiving on round edges. Then with the right side together sew around the edges leaving one end open.  Turn right side out, and finish of the open end.  Because I didn't have my dad on hand and I was in a bit of a time crunch I just finished the ends with velcro.  So he can make it as snug as he needs.