Quick kids craft

This is great for christmas.  We just did this today for a christmas present.  As we got started I got to thinking it would make a great post for my blog.  So here it is in it's quick short version.  Just the kind of posts I can handle during the holidays!
Supplies:  Delta Porcelain Paints, hole punch renforcement stickers, brush(s) and porcelain object.

 Place stickers on object.  I let kids do this and it doesn't really matter anyway it's a craft for them and will be from them too!

 Use the surface prep in all the sticker holes and any where else you are planning to paint.
 Let that dry and then paint away.  I would recommend thin coats and not doing more than one.  We found that the thick ones peeled off with the sticker while the thiner ones left the paint nice and neat.

Let dry and then peel off stickers.  Leaving cute fun colorful dots.

Done.  Or you if you have porcelain paint pens you can add a design, date, names, message, etc.


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