Saturday, January 21, 2012

Books in review

Ok so we are moving and I'm trying to continue on with my blog having non-crafting blogs.  Since my craft room is packed.  So this is one I really like.  As I packed books I hadn't seen for a while I was recalling all the great books I've enjoyed about home-schooling, parenting, being a person, etc.  So here they are in no particular order and my comments about each one.

I loved these books as a young mom.  I was just out of a corporate move fast get it done environment and suddenly was home with an infant and the pace seem slow so I occupied my time with these books and activities.  I also wrote a how-to craft book.  I don't know if I would get these books now if I had a kid.  But there was a lot I learned that has carried over for my other two babies.  Although I wasn't as OCD with them as I was with my first. Namely we had right brain and left brain toy days.  I had all the toys separated into these two categories.  I know crazy.  But I will say she is brilliant but if you asked her to find anything of hers she wouldn't have a clue.

This is the other book I really really enjoyed when she was a little tike (she is 12 now).   It's a bit hippy dippy for me but you may or may not like that.  I loved the nature and crafts ideas.

I think my kids were 5 and 3 or younger when I decided to home school and after attending a Carol Joy Seid seminar I got and read this book.  It's a keeper such great info and if you are aware of Edith and Francis Schaeffer , this is their daughter.

Speaking of the Schaeffer's this is one of my favorites!  She can made mundane exciting. 

 I just loved this book I think I might read it again after the move.  It's great about relationships and people first thinking.

Their is a set of 5 or 6 books that Charlotte Mason wrote, I find them a bit of a hard read and only made it through 2 of them.  So this book I liked because it's an over view of her big set.

This is another one I loved reading, during quite time while the kids were napping, by the fire.  Wonderful domestic memories (not in the book but of reading it).
This one I didn't come by, that because it lives in my hiking/art backpack.  When were we take a hike, go for a picnic, camp or out in nature I bring this backpack I have an art journal for each kid in it, art supplies and nature books.  This book is awesome !

I also came across, Dallas Willard, Kevin Leeman, Zig Ziglar, and series of other similar.  But by far the ones picture above just holding the books again brought smiles to my face.  

It's fun how when you can't make stuff (because the craft room is packed) you suddenly have a ton of idea of what to make.  Hope to move quick so I can make them and post about them here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Start out the new year with a flush!

Well back in 2010 I blew out my knee so to speak.  Anyway I had to have my ACL replaced and some other work done in my knee.  After the surgery I was laid up for quite a while and unable to drive, popping pain pill, going to PT, sitting on the couch, knitting, reading and EATING.  I soon found I was having very bad side pains.  That whole year sucked.  From all the meds during surgery and after surgery they took a toll on my GI track.  I had a bunch of ulcers, heartburn and what was looking like gallbladder stones.  Anyway I was told about the gallbladder & liver flush by a dear friend.  I actually still have her books (Sorry).  So I did it, then I did it again, then I did it with my hubby and now it's time once again.  Oh and all my symptoms are gone.   So what do I do.  First I have this great book.

I'm going to give a basic overview of what' I'm doing currently I'm in day 2 of it.  But I can't stress enough DON'T DO IT unless you read the book and are following it.  Don't follow my blog I'm just "Cliff" here and these are my notes.  There are 6 days of prep work before you even do the flush and part of that is cleansing your colon.  For that I used. the 5-day bowel cleanse from the

here is the plan.

DAY 1: Drink Apple juice 32oz, eat like a vegan.  No meat, no animal products or by products, etc.
DAY 2: Drink Applice juice 32 oz, eat like a vegan, and take 50 of the formula #2 pills and 1 formula #1 after dinner.
DAY 3: Same as day 2 (I give a little menu of what I eat at the bottom of the post)
DAY 4: Same as day 2
DAY 5: Same as day 2
DAY 6: Drink Apple juice 32 oz, eat oat meal for break fast, rice and veggies for lunch and then NOTHING.  This is the flush day and I follow the book.  Basically you drink epsom salts and water 2 different times before bed.  Then right before bed you drink grapefruit juice and olive oil.  Then in the morning.  You pooh a few regular times and then it's all water and stones.  You drink another 2 of the epsom salt mixture.  Stay at home by the potty I made the mistake of going shopping with my mom once during this I visited every bathroom at every stop SEVERAL times.  So lot's of watery stone filled pooh. Then you gradually start eating again.  Light and slow.

The hardest part for me is the epsom salt drink.  It's agony I shake, sweat and I've even cried.  But you feel so good afterwards.

The first cleanse I did I was disappoint that I didn't really have any big stones.  I thought that's cause I'm so healthy.  Well they all came out on my second cleanse I had golf ball sized stones.  NO JOKE.

I thought you might like to know what I'm eating when I'm eating like a vegan.

Oatmeal w/ nuts and dried fruit or granola with soy milk

Trader Joes has a yummy pre-made bruschetta in a bottle and I get their cooked lentils.  Mix a bit in a bowl and I eat that with corn chips.  YUM
Quinoa and roasted portobello mushrooms that have been marinated in balsamic and oil.  YUM
Beans in a corn tortilla with some veggies
These yummy pre-made vegan soups the market carries I love them.
or what else I can come up with that fits the bill.

Stir fry
Bean Soup (I put sausage in it for the rest of the family so I don't have to make 2 different meals)
Baked potato and salad.
Soup (again that yummy kind from the store)

Usually it's at dinner time when I start thinking about Vegans and how the miss out on such yummy food like bacon and sausage and steak and butter toast and anything else I can't eat at the time.

I also get this great book from the library.  I can use most of their recipes I might change a few things if it doesn't fit the Vegan bill.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Recycled Sweatshirt Hat

 Old sweatshirt I rescued before it hit the trash can.  Lay it out flat.

 Measure 5in from the bottom and cut across.

 Measure down the 1/2 of the measure meant of your head plus 1 in.  I cut mine 7in which would make it 14 total.

 I turn the wrong side out.  So the wrong side is now my right side.  Then I stitched the ends.  You should now have a ring shape sweatshirt end.

 Then I cut a circle. Kind of a circle at it's largest it's 7x6.5.  I used my protractor (I love cool tools) and then I trimmed a bit of the side.  The longest measurement is for the front to back distance.

 So you should have a ring and a circle.

 Sew the circle into the ring.

 The I made a little rim or brim template what ever you call it.  And cut 2.

 Then I found some really stiff interfacing. cut 1.  You could use cardboard.

 I pressed the interfacing in between the two rim pieces.

 then I sewed around the edges.

 Next I attached the rim the opposite end I attached the top to. and sewed it in.

 Next I marked about 3 in in the center back of the hat.

 I made a small cut at one end to feed some elastic into.

 I stitched one end down and then pulled the elastic tight.

 Then I stitched the other end and closed the hole.  I then pinched the front of the hat just above the rim in the center and stitched it down.  That is optional.

 You could be done here.  But since this is for me pre-teen I gave it to her and a bleach pen and said have fun.

This is her new hat and her own artwork.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goals

Oh I love lists, goals, to do's and lists did I mention I love writing down things to do aka LISTS.  So here is my first ever list for others to see.  I usually print up my "goals" (which is a list) then I put it in a sleeve protector thingy (which I love because then it keeps my lists clean) and tape it in my medicine cabinet so I'm constantly reminded of what I need to work on.  It's been 3 years since I've done one I got out my previous years (I have a folder on my computer "goals") anyway it was cool to look back.

1. More Bikram Yoga
2. Read more with Faith to establish the love of books into her life
3. Be a good listener to my pre-teen girl and love her, draw her out and be GOOD to her
4. Work with Jake on his self-control all the while validating his masculinity!
5. MORE date's with Jeff, even if it's a date after the kids go to bed and we hang in the hot tub.
6. Explore (again) in new & deeper ways the spiritual disciplines that I need most to be developing a heart that is willing and submitting to Christ's will in my life.  ... Really hard for those with rebellious spirits that think they know whats best... and that unfortunately would be me.
7. Work on giving more.  Giving of my time, giving of my energies.  Somewhere recently I read that giving is the key to joy.  I definitely want more JOY in 2012
8. Get back on budget track, with our env/cash system.
9. Change my thinking that what I have is not who I am.
10.   MOST IMPORTANT wear more heels... really big ones.  and pray hubby can love it too!
11.  Regular office time with Jeff building his business back.
12.  My secret project. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Grammy's got a new purse

Accent Fabric. I used 1/4 yard of a fun colorful fabric (blue)
Main Fabric. I had scrap of some upholstery fabric (enough for 2 19x13 rectangles and straps)
Lining Fabric. I had a cotton black and white print that worked nice. (same amount as purse)
Fabric you can run through your printer (optional)
Embroidery thread, buttons, trims etc. (optional)

So way back like 4 years ago I came across a fun book that was perfect for me and how I sew.  I'm not a pattern follower (I can do it, I just don't like it).  I like to see fabric and then make it into something lovely.   Anyway it's called Bend the Rules Sewing.  In it there was a cute purse and I was so excited that I decided to take a picture my youngest did of a bird and bring it to life on a purse.   This pattern is adapted from that pattern. Anyway it became a favorite.  I've gotten lot's of compliments and Grammy requested one so, here it is.  I actually made the first one for her but was unsure if I should give it or not, then when I was done I loved it so much I kept it for myself.    Ok enough talk.  So the day before christmas - YEP - sometimes I don't think through my ideas, I made this for Grammy, and I loved it so much I didn't want to give it up again!

STEP 1: scan, copy and trace whatever works for you, like a picture, onto some fabric.  I have a roll of Printer Fabric.  You cut the size run it through the printer and there you go.
STEP 2:  Cut out all your pieces.

  • Main purse fabric (brown) 19 x 13 cut 2
  • Main purse fabric straps 27 x 3 cut 2 (or the length you want)
  • Purse Lining (white & black) 19 x 13 cut 2
  • Accent fabric (blue/green) Straps 27x 3 cut 2
  • Accent fabric pocket 4x6 cut 2 (of what ever size you want)
  • Accent fabric on purse 3 x 13 cut 4

Since it was the day before christmas I didn't get to snap a picture of each step.   

STEP 3: Prepping the straps.   Sew with right side together (main fabric & accent), then turn right sides our and press. Set aside for later.

STEP 4: Sew on accent stripes. Take the 4 accent strips and press 1/2 on the length of each side.    Align them on the main fabric about 3 in out from the edge and stitch down.  You can use a zig zag, straight stitch of even add some trim as you stitch it down.

STEP 5: I peeled the paper off the back of my printer fabric and then placed it in my hoop.  Then I got busy with some embroidery stitches.  I love this part.  Be as fun and and creative as you want.  I ran out of my fusing and being that it was the day before christmas, I was not about to run out to Joann's.  Instead I used fabric glue.  I glued my image on the bag let it dry and then added some free form stitches over the images and along the side of the straps.  Have fun.  Draw with thread.

STEP 6: Now, sew down the side and bottom of you main purse fabric.  

STEP 7: Pleats.  Now at the top where the accent fabric is sew a pleat in covering the accent fabric and sewing down about 2 in.

STEP 8: Make sure you sew the same pleat, same spot in from the side seam and same length down in the lining.    While you are at it sew down one side seam, the bottom and about 2in up the other side seam.  Then come down on that same side about 4 in.  Leaving a side opening.  You'll need that to pull the bag right side out.

STEP 9: Pocket.  Sew around all 4 edges of the pocket with right side together. You want to make sure you leave an 1 or more opening on one side to turn it right side out.  I also added some piping to the top of my pocket.  Turn right side out and press.  I would stitch this on to the lining in your bag now.  You can do a stitch up the middle or so, of the pocket to hold your phone.  I also added on the other side of the lining a small zippered pocket.  (I'm not including that in the instructions today) 

STEP 10: The bottom of the bag.  So now I turn the bag wrong side out.  Put the corners of the bag out and then sew the little triangle. (see picture)  Do that with both the bag and the lining.  Making sure you do them all the same size.
STEP 11: I like to add a sturdy bottom.  So I have the really thick interfacing.  Measure the bottom of your bag how it would lay flat and then cut your interfacing to fit.  I cut a piece of my lining fabric a 1/2 bigger all the way around then I iron the edges over.  Once that is done I stitch it down in the bag.  Making sure it stays in place.  ( I even used pins. My sewing teacher would be so proud)

STEP 12: Let's put it all together.  First stitch the straps in place just over the pleats.  So with the main purse fabric right side out, fold straps down and then slip the lining over that with the wrong side out.  Stitch around the top.  Turn right sides out through the opening in the lining side.  Stitch opening closed. I pressed the top down then I added a top stitch all the way around the bag.  And thats it! Your done and can take a picture and post it here.  I would love to see them.

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