2012 Goals

Oh I love lists, goals, to do's and lists did I mention I love writing down things to do aka LISTS.  So here is my first ever list for others to see.  I usually print up my "goals" (which is a list) then I put it in a sleeve protector thingy (which I love because then it keeps my lists clean) and tape it in my medicine cabinet so I'm constantly reminded of what I need to work on.  It's been 3 years since I've done one I got out my previous years (I have a folder on my computer "goals") anyway it was cool to look back.

1. More Bikram Yoga
2. Read more with Faith to establish the love of books into her life
3. Be a good listener to my pre-teen girl and love her, draw her out and be GOOD to her
4. Work with Jake on his self-control all the while validating his masculinity!
5. MORE date's with Jeff, even if it's a date after the kids go to bed and we hang in the hot tub.
6. Explore (again) in new & deeper ways the spiritual disciplines that I need most to be developing a heart that is willing and submitting to Christ's will in my life.  ... Really hard for those with rebellious spirits that think they know whats best... and that unfortunately would be me.
7. Work on giving more.  Giving of my time, giving of my energies.  Somewhere recently I read that giving is the key to joy.  I definitely want more JOY in 2012
8. Get back on budget track, with our env/cash system.
9. Change my thinking that what I have is not who I am.
10.   MOST IMPORTANT wear more heels... really big ones.  and pray hubby can love it too!
11.  Regular office time with Jeff building his business back.
12.  My secret project. :)


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