Books in review

Ok so we are moving and I'm trying to continue on with my blog having non-crafting blogs.  Since my craft room is packed.  So this is one I really like.  As I packed books I hadn't seen for a while I was recalling all the great books I've enjoyed about home-schooling, parenting, being a person, etc.  So here they are in no particular order and my comments about each one.

I loved these books as a young mom.  I was just out of a corporate move fast get it done environment and suddenly was home with an infant and the pace seem slow so I occupied my time with these books and activities.  I also wrote a how-to craft book.  I don't know if I would get these books now if I had a kid.  But there was a lot I learned that has carried over for my other two babies.  Although I wasn't as OCD with them as I was with my first. Namely we had right brain and left brain toy days.  I had all the toys separated into these two categories.  I know crazy.  But I will say she is brilliant but if you asked her to find anything of hers she wouldn't have a clue.

This is the other book I really really enjoyed when she was a little tike (she is 12 now).   It's a bit hippy dippy for me but you may or may not like that.  I loved the nature and crafts ideas.

I think my kids were 5 and 3 or younger when I decided to home school and after attending a Carol Joy Seid seminar I got and read this book.  It's a keeper such great info and if you are aware of Edith and Francis Schaeffer , this is their daughter.

Speaking of the Schaeffer's this is one of my favorites!  She can made mundane exciting. 

 I just loved this book I think I might read it again after the move.  It's great about relationships and people first thinking.

Their is a set of 5 or 6 books that Charlotte Mason wrote, I find them a bit of a hard read and only made it through 2 of them.  So this book I liked because it's an over view of her big set.

This is another one I loved reading, during quite time while the kids were napping, by the fire.  Wonderful domestic memories (not in the book but of reading it).
This one I didn't come by, that because it lives in my hiking/art backpack.  When were we take a hike, go for a picnic, camp or out in nature I bring this backpack I have an art journal for each kid in it, art supplies and nature books.  This book is awesome !

I also came across, Dallas Willard, Kevin Leeman, Zig Ziglar, and series of other similar.  But by far the ones picture above just holding the books again brought smiles to my face.  

It's fun how when you can't make stuff (because the craft room is packed) you suddenly have a ton of idea of what to make.  Hope to move quick so I can make them and post about them here.


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