Recycled Sweatshirt Hat

 Old sweatshirt I rescued before it hit the trash can.  Lay it out flat.

 Measure 5in from the bottom and cut across.

 Measure down the 1/2 of the measure meant of your head plus 1 in.  I cut mine 7in which would make it 14 total.

 I turn the wrong side out.  So the wrong side is now my right side.  Then I stitched the ends.  You should now have a ring shape sweatshirt end.

 Then I cut a circle. Kind of a circle at it's largest it's 7x6.5.  I used my protractor (I love cool tools) and then I trimmed a bit of the side.  The longest measurement is for the front to back distance.

 So you should have a ring and a circle.

 Sew the circle into the ring.

 The I made a little rim or brim template what ever you call it.  And cut 2.

 Then I found some really stiff interfacing. cut 1.  You could use cardboard.

 I pressed the interfacing in between the two rim pieces.

 then I sewed around the edges.

 Next I attached the rim the opposite end I attached the top to. and sewed it in.

 Next I marked about 3 in in the center back of the hat.

 I made a small cut at one end to feed some elastic into.

 I stitched one end down and then pulled the elastic tight.

 Then I stitched the other end and closed the hole.  I then pinched the front of the hat just above the rim in the center and stitched it down.  That is optional.

 You could be done here.  But since this is for me pre-teen I gave it to her and a bleach pen and said have fun.

This is her new hat and her own artwork.


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