Start out the new year with a flush!

Well back in 2010 I blew out my knee so to speak.  Anyway I had to have my ACL replaced and some other work done in my knee.  After the surgery I was laid up for quite a while and unable to drive, popping pain pill, going to PT, sitting on the couch, knitting, reading and EATING.  I soon found I was having very bad side pains.  That whole year sucked.  From all the meds during surgery and after surgery they took a toll on my GI track.  I had a bunch of ulcers, heartburn and what was looking like gallbladder stones.  Anyway I was told about the gallbladder & liver flush by a dear friend.  I actually still have her books (Sorry).  So I did it, then I did it again, then I did it with my hubby and now it's time once again.  Oh and all my symptoms are gone.   So what do I do.  First I have this great book.

I'm going to give a basic overview of what' I'm doing currently I'm in day 2 of it.  But I can't stress enough DON'T DO IT unless you read the book and are following it.  Don't follow my blog I'm just "Cliff" here and these are my notes.  There are 6 days of prep work before you even do the flush and part of that is cleansing your colon.  For that I used. the 5-day bowel cleanse from the

here is the plan.

DAY 1: Drink Apple juice 32oz, eat like a vegan.  No meat, no animal products or by products, etc.
DAY 2: Drink Applice juice 32 oz, eat like a vegan, and take 50 of the formula #2 pills and 1 formula #1 after dinner.
DAY 3: Same as day 2 (I give a little menu of what I eat at the bottom of the post)
DAY 4: Same as day 2
DAY 5: Same as day 2
DAY 6: Drink Apple juice 32 oz, eat oat meal for break fast, rice and veggies for lunch and then NOTHING.  This is the flush day and I follow the book.  Basically you drink epsom salts and water 2 different times before bed.  Then right before bed you drink grapefruit juice and olive oil.  Then in the morning.  You pooh a few regular times and then it's all water and stones.  You drink another 2 of the epsom salt mixture.  Stay at home by the potty I made the mistake of going shopping with my mom once during this I visited every bathroom at every stop SEVERAL times.  So lot's of watery stone filled pooh. Then you gradually start eating again.  Light and slow.

The hardest part for me is the epsom salt drink.  It's agony I shake, sweat and I've even cried.  But you feel so good afterwards.

The first cleanse I did I was disappoint that I didn't really have any big stones.  I thought that's cause I'm so healthy.  Well they all came out on my second cleanse I had golf ball sized stones.  NO JOKE.

I thought you might like to know what I'm eating when I'm eating like a vegan.

Oatmeal w/ nuts and dried fruit or granola with soy milk

Trader Joes has a yummy pre-made bruschetta in a bottle and I get their cooked lentils.  Mix a bit in a bowl and I eat that with corn chips.  YUM
Quinoa and roasted portobello mushrooms that have been marinated in balsamic and oil.  YUM
Beans in a corn tortilla with some veggies
These yummy pre-made vegan soups the market carries I love them.
or what else I can come up with that fits the bill.

Stir fry
Bean Soup (I put sausage in it for the rest of the family so I don't have to make 2 different meals)
Baked potato and salad.
Soup (again that yummy kind from the store)

Usually it's at dinner time when I start thinking about Vegans and how the miss out on such yummy food like bacon and sausage and steak and butter toast and anything else I can't eat at the time.

I also get this great book from the library.  I can use most of their recipes I might change a few things if it doesn't fit the Vegan bill.


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