Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun at P!ay

Before Brig---I don't think having my hair in a pony tail all day helped any...
We'll after one thing led to another we (my daughter and I) found ourselves in Brig's chair saying "what ever you want".   For those who don't know Brig, she is a friend from growing up.  We lived a street apart in our younger years we skated and played.  I still have clothes from a line her mom did for girls and dolls.  Anyway, I caught up with her through Facebook and went and saw her last year.  It was sitting in her chair I found out she'd been on a reality show called Shear Genius (which I'm sorry to say I still haven't watch) and won.  She's super fun, creative and so is P!ay, her salon in Simi where no joke creativity is literally bubbling up.  While we were there 2 other girls got total new looks and fresh color.   Oh and you may think she can't relate to the everyday look and to that I just have to say no way.  She can go as extreme as you want or keep as low key as you need.  Truly this ability to go to both extremes is a mark of talent.  Ok so here it is our after pics...

Ok so here are some in progress fun shot's of Kelsey. By the way when we were "shooting" and I was goofing off making silly faces and stuff.  She was like "mom come on be serious".  She a pro model I guess teaching her mom.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flower Alphabet

Well on today's walk we spotted some pretty Azalea flowers.  Which led to me asking my 6 year to count how many we saw on our walk.  Which later led my older daughter and I to talking about spotting and counting flowers through the alphabet.  Then I said oh we'll have to think of an A flower.  Since at the time I had it in my mind that Azalea's started with an I..and then I said oh wait how lucky Azalea is an A.  And so that was the birth of this little school project happened. Which is just perfect for spring.

Go for a walk find a flower that starts with an A you and your little one can have fun counting all of them you see.  Before you get home make sure your little one has a chance to study the flower and how it looks so they can do an accurate drawing. Then you can come home and make your first Flower  Alphabet page.

A = Azalea
B = Bougainvillea
C = Cosmos
D = Daisy
E = Elder Flower
F = Frecia
G = Geranium
H = Hibiscus
I = Iris
J = Jazmine
K= Kangaroo Paw
L = Lily
M = Magnolia. Marigolds, Mums,
N = Narcissa
O = Orchid
P = Petunia, Plumeria
Q = Quamoclit
R = Rose
S = Sunflower
T = Tulip, Thyme
U = Umbrella plant
V = Violets
W = Wysteria
X = Xanthorrhoea (I had to look that one up)
Y = Yucca, Yarrow
Z = Zinnia

Have fun.!