Flower Alphabet

Well on today's walk we spotted some pretty Azalea flowers.  Which led to me asking my 6 year to count how many we saw on our walk.  Which later led my older daughter and I to talking about spotting and counting flowers through the alphabet.  Then I said oh we'll have to think of an A flower.  Since at the time I had it in my mind that Azalea's started with an I..and then I said oh wait how lucky Azalea is an A.  And so that was the birth of this little school project happened. Which is just perfect for spring.

Go for a walk find a flower that starts with an A you and your little one can have fun counting all of them you see.  Before you get home make sure your little one has a chance to study the flower and how it looks so they can do an accurate drawing. Then you can come home and make your first Flower  Alphabet page.

A = Azalea
B = Bougainvillea
C = Cosmos
D = Daisy
E = Elder Flower
F = Frecia
G = Geranium
H = Hibiscus
I = Iris
J = Jazmine
K= Kangaroo Paw
L = Lily
M = Magnolia. Marigolds, Mums,
N = Narcissa
O = Orchid
P = Petunia, Plumeria
Q = Quamoclit
R = Rose
S = Sunflower
T = Tulip, Thyme
U = Umbrella plant
V = Violets
W = Wysteria
X = Xanthorrhoea (I had to look that one up)
Y = Yucca, Yarrow
Z = Zinnia

Have fun.!



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