Traveling with kids

Let's meet the kids

First we have Faith our six year old she is cute and very busy!  She loves make-up, heels, art, talking typical 6 year old.

Then we have Jake he's 10 and loves building,  iPods, iPads, suduko,  Mad Libs,  and building.

And Kelsey our 12 year old and her recurrently cut off hair.  She loves music, reading, reading  drawing, reading, talking, reading.

The trip.  A 36 hour train ride to Seattle, WA, a 7 hour drive to Canada, and then a mere 2.5 hour flight home.

Ok so that's the plan.  First they are good kids in the fact that they know how obey and have always been great travelers.  So I'm not so much worried about them and the hours to fill.  We've done VACATION JOURNALS (I will get to these later) their whole life so I know that will be fun.  I was excited to make the travel fun though.  But my eyes for fun were much bigger then the time to prepare.  So I've listed some links to the sites that inspired me.

First I loved this envelop idea I found on pinterest here is a link.  The idea is basically this put some fun activities in envelopes and then give them to the kids at certain intervals so they aren't all opened in the first 10min of the trip.

So I got inspired, I hit the 99 cent store where I dropped about $40.00 and then came home and started sorting and getting my ideas set-up.  SO there I am on my couch.  At least I think it was my couch, but I couldn't see it with all my stuff laid out all over the place.  Then I was regretting spending the $40 and more so I was regretting all this prep stuff.  But now it's done and I'm trilled to surprise them along the way.  My kids were a little too old for some of the activities so I made some of my own.


I think the picture speaks for itself.  I didn't do this.  But I do have a little box and I'll let see if my son wants to make it for himself.

I love this idea! I love the order and organized way it appears in the back of the seat.  But I only live like that in my dreams.  My kids are kids and I would be so upset about loosing the cards to the real game and we wouldn't be able to play monopoly at home.  Because the cards fell out of the car when we stopped at Starbucks and I had to go pee so bad I couldn't see straight and didn't notice them on the ground.  Or while passing a drink back it spilled all over the cards and then the only thing to do at that point it throw everything away besides the kid and the car.  Anyway I do like the idea and I think if I found a board game at a garage sale or goodwill then I could use it in the car and not feel anxiety about the box in the game closet with 1/2 it's innards driving around the country.

So all my kids have their own iPod (it wasn't always that way) and before we leave we download stories to listen to.  One year we all downloaded the Chronicles or Narnia and had such a great time listening together and talking about the stories.  Anyway this is where I spend my time before we go away.   I LOVE selecting stories for my kids it's so awesome.  I could get lost on lists for books for your kids.

We do these different and it mainly depends on where we are going and what we are doing.  In the beginning when the kiddos were under 3 I made them and wrote in them.  They drew pictures and pasted picture we took on the trip in the journal.  Now the kids pretty much make them all themselves.  I have two blank journals I picked up at the library book sale and we pattern our pages after them.   This year I got those zipper pouches that go in your three ring binder and we put everything the kids needed to do their journal.  Scissors, glue, tape (double sided) paper, stickers, etc.

So the last two are pretty much what we do on our road trips.  That and talk, laugh and I can't wait to go on vacation with my cool family!


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