Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Outdoor Bench - in less than an hour

This is the fun bench we created!

Ok so I saw this bench on pintrest maybe you did too?
And I thought we (my hubby and I) could make this for a cushion I already had.  The cushion was about 100in long and some pillows from a previous bench.  We had gone through a down sizing and the bench became firewood but I fought to save & storage my beloved cushions, and I'm so glad I did.  Anyway I asked my hubby to help me create this cinder block bench for my cushion.  So we headed out to Home Depot, where we felt a little overwhelmed.  Suddenly we we thinking how many blocks we were going to need and then we'd have to pick them all up, put them in the car, unload them, stack them....and suddenly we were both less motivate to create this DIY bench.

Then "it" happened, I saw something that gave us an idea.  An idea of how to create a simpler, cheaper and easier bench.... That actually turned out in our opinion much cuter.  I just snapped some photos and then later decided it would make a good blog post.

So we picked up 12 cinder blocks (I think you could actually do away with the top row and make the bench lower)  and 4 4x4x10 pieces of lumber to slip in the openings of the cinder blocks.  It's wonderful the cinder block acts as a side table as well.  All these supplies cost under $40.00 and we finished it in less than an hour.  My kind of project!

 We used a concert adhesive too.

I just love this project.  When I get a chance to finish this little area I'll take some new photos.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY Bath Toys

So today in an effort to get my littlest to get in the bath.  At this point I don't care if she soaps up I just need her to get in the bath.  So I remembered seeing this idea on Pintrest.  So I thought we'd give a test drive and see if cutting out craft foam would indeed make some fun bath toys.  IT DID!  So this little fun project quickly brought the attention of all the kids.  Including me.  

 Faith loved making this fun face and flowers.....

Kelsey and I both started these fun Winnie the Pooh characters....... (I have a feeling we'll create the whole crew and accessories since it's one of our families favorites)

This is them after the bath all up and clinging to our bath wall.