DIY Sunflower Seeds

Well my husband loves Sunflower seeds.... He's always got a bag of David's and as David's say's this is his snactivity.  So this year when I was buying seeds for our garden I got some sunflower seeds so we could make some home-made seeds for him.  

Once the flowers start to droop and hang down they are ready to be cut.  After you cut then lay them out in the sun till they turn brown.  I had the kids can rub the seeds out on to a tray they loved it. Then.....

I didn't salt my quite enough for my hubby so next time I'm going to dump in about 1/2 cup of salt.  That's about 1/4 per head.  Soak them over night. (if you don't want your's salt then just skip this one)

 Then drain them.  If you didn't already pick out the bad one or pieces of stems.

 I laid out a paper towel and kind blotted them as I laid them out.  You don't want a whole bunch of water in the pan.

I baked my at 300 degrees for 40 mins but I would do it different next time.  Either I would have used 2 pans so less seeds were on the pan and cook for 40min.  Or I would lengthen the time.  My sunflower seed expert said he's like them roasted a little longer next time.

I hope you enjoyed this and your seeds.


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