The Amazing Jake

Yep!  I think he's amazing.  He's been busy since he was born.  I love this "little dude" although he's not so little any more.  So here it is my son he's a creator.  He doesn't just dabble he does it pretty much non-stop.  I decided sometime back that I would catalog these amazing creations by taking video or pic's. I've missed a few creations, such as his scuba tank made from hose, bike pump parts, gal. apple juice container and various other things.  It was a big hit at the community pool and all the kids thought he was amazing and I think I got all caught up in the moment and forgot to snap a pic.  Anyway.  I'm just going to post as many as I can.  Hopeful if you have a boy and he's a creator too they might serve as inspiration to get him creating.  Also you can link me to any post your kids have done as we always love inspiration ourselves.

Way back in when he was about 4 or 5 he's learning about circuits with dad at a children's museum. 
Dec 2010 Jake's Tinker Toys Creation

And this is when it all started at Legoland and the Mindstorm class. He just loved it!

This is a lego hand sanitizer dispenser.  I especially like the wall mounting.
Oct 2011 He made a lego gun of sort.

This was an invention for his sister to help her water the plants.  It's a watering can backpack.
This is a recent invention of a boat he's working on.  He actually is try to do a submarine but I'm not about to let him submerge and $200+ toy under water.
By far my favorite. It's a machine gun that shoots lego brick.  So cool.
Like most everything Jake does he read about this in a book.  This is with OUT photoshop or anything this is just what it looks like.  I don't even recall how he did it but he loved showing me this!

This is a door lock with that only opens with the right combination or "access code".
This is a joint creation his sister (the older one) helped Jake with the music aspect of this invention for his younger sisters birthday.  Seriously I think she is one lucky girl to have a brother so cool!
This is Jake current invention a pinball machine.

I hope you enjoyed these little creations.  If you have any questions please feel free.  Jake loves to share his joy and love for creating.


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