Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What an evening of Art has taught me.

So tuesday I regularly find myself with about 2+ hours by myself.  The kids (3) and husband are out at our churches Awana program.  I usually spend that time doing stuff on a list of some kind.  For school, my husband, the house, etc.  Tonight I need a break from all the DOING.  I was feeling like a slave and  I didn't have an identity any more.

I remember all those hours I spent when I was a teen/young person with out kids, at my drafting table sketching and drawing.  I wondering if I could still do it.  Make something pretty.  So I got out my sketch pad (actually it's my kids since I technically don't have one anymore) and sat down.   I sat for a long period after I sketched the outline.  It looked good but would I be able to add color and still have it look good.  I went for and I got lost in transforming a blank white page into something.... something beautiful to look at.    What I discover is a truth I feel I know, but seem to forget all to quickly.  The truth is it will never all be DONE.... the DOING that is. The lists, there will always be something I should/need or could be doing.  Like the pile of laundry to put away. But I NEED to put that all on hold, or pause the frantic music and make time for some soft sweet sounds of just being.   Whether that is just by myself and doing something like drawing, or sitting on the grass with the kids looking at the clouds and marveling at God's wonderful creation.  I need to make time for more pauses.  That's what I learned for an evening with art.  Pausing to do something that isn't on the list, will not help anything on the list.  Pausing to do something like playing again.......  I'm renewed and I hope you are too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Simple Little Apron Tutorial

First I'm so sorry it's been since Oct since I 've been able to capture what I'm creating/doing and then blog about it.  So I've been considering starting up sewing lessons again and to kinda test it out and see if I'm up for it, I invited 2 beautiful college ladies over.  
Meet Rachel & Amy.
I told them get two yards of fabric and we'll make an apron.  Then we got out a few apron pictures and decided on a look.  Then I help them create that look.  Here is what we came up with.  I really had so much fun I'm thinking of doing a series of apron tutorials.  Oh and this is my first time to do a picture tutorial.  Not a tutorial with pictures, but a tutorial completely done in pictures.  

Then I had to rush off and leave them to finish and take final pic's for me.  I loved this shot!

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