A week or so in Russia

Yes I recently got back from a missions trip to Russia.  I can't even express what happened there and all that I experienced.  But I will try to highlight a few insights.  First off the picture above was taken as we walked through the town of Pskov... Some young men were biking around and then we stumbled on this.  I just love this picture.

This is our first day in Russia.  St. Petersburg to be exact.  So we are traveling around the city sightseeing and waiting for our team leader to come from Czech so we can drive down to Pskov where the ministry will start.

We even went to the Hermitage museum which was amazing and had beautiful art, but I keep looking at the amazing floors and this huge thing.  I have no idea what it was created for really it's so big!

So we finally arrived in Pskov and spend a day walking about the city... which is where the top shot of the door is from.  Here is the Kremlin in Pskov... quite amazing.
Kelsey and a new friend Liza.  She is so sweet, cute and just a ray of sunshine.  Kelsey and I both miss her!
These girls we got to see everyday at the courtyard. Both every friendly and fun.
This little girl wants to be a gymnast when she grows up and she was showing me all her amazing moves.  I showed here a little bikram but she's doing it better than me!  I pray these three girls hearts would open to the love of Christ.
This is Jake he's from our team with the pastors son Mark.  Another ray of sunshine.  I miss frisbee with these two.  I think it's a sport I might be able to pick up!

 This is our last meal with everyone in Pskov.  So glad we got a picture of the lady in pink.  She is so beautiful and has a little girl about my youngest age and an infant son.  She was there everyday preparing and cooking food for all of us!  God bless her for all she did for us!  Also Jim our team leader and amazing man of God.  Some others from the team.
This monument is of Alexander Nevski (I hope this is right)  He was a great warrior and lead the Pskov people in a clever tactic which lead to them defeating the Germans there on the lake.  That is my summary of the story our wonderful host family told when she took us there!

This is Dennis and he is sharing the Gospel with the Russian people in the courtyard we were serving in each day.  Right before he went up the sun got really bright and he grabbed some glasses from another team member.  I had such a hard time taking him serious at first because of the glasses but... now I just love this picture.  Lena is the beautiful interpreter who has an amazing heart and gift in express scripture! 

Host family time.  So my mom (in the middle) and my daughter (far right) all stayed with this one amazing family.  Olga on the left and her friend Lyda (not sure if I spelled that right) in between my mom and daughter.  Wish I could stay and have a photo play date with Olga!
This is Olga's mom Natasha and I do miss her.   If I lived in Russia I would make sure I was in her bible study.  I'd also want to help her with construction!

I've learned from the Russian culture and way of life, from these amazing people that I've capture in these photos and the Holy Spirit moved in my heart as I stepped completely out of my comfort zone in going on this missions trip.  I pray I can go again!

Oh and the organization that supports this ministry is Encouragement International... If you are a giving person your donation to this organization will be utilized in a wonderful way... you can check them out..


  1. Thanks for sharing, Kayla! I'm so glad to see some pictures and learn a bit about your mission trip. Wonderful!

  2. what a wonderful trip, you will always have such wonderful memories of this beautiful place..thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.,,

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