DIY Outdoor Bench - Update

So I thought this summer I would revisit my most popular post.  2 summers ago I posted DIY Outdoor Bench which got a huge reponse and I have had a lot of comments/questions (except for my aunt, I don't really get comments on my post).  So I thought I would do a revisit to this fun post.

2 summers ago I was eager to use some cushions that I had saved from a previous wood bench that became fire wood.  So I need to make a bench but I didn't want to break out the wood working tools, I didn't want to spend too much money and I didn't want it to take more than an hour.  I had seen a been made of all cinder blocks and thought hey that looks easy.  Until I got to home depot and started to lug them in the cart.  I got a few in the cart and then I had an idea that seems to have spread.  It was to thread board in the holes of the cinder blocks to create a bench.  And presto I had a bench for my cushion and a new post for my blog.  I wouldn't call myself a blogger I'm more of a creator who has been encouraged to blog but I think I lack some skill because if I get into the blogging thing my creation suffers if I'm into my creation my blog suffers. Needless to say this DIY Outdoor Bench post has been a big hit.  I have had over 114,000 hits in the past year to that post.  I have noticed lots of other bloggers making their version which are all super cute.  So here some picture of some other versions.

My cousin found my post online and made her version which are super cute check them out.

The second photo down is my parents house they did up two to look out at their view.

This one is from Lena at Simple Living

Here is another one from Everyday Fabulous Blog

I found this great one inspire from my bench on Pinterest but the link didn't work so I don't know who posted it but I love the wrap around style.

Here are a few more I found.

one more look at this fun bench from 2 summers ago..

So thank you everyone who enjoyed this post and created your own version what a complement.  I especially thank everyone cause I'm a blogger hobbiest and not a well blogged machine like so many of you so I appreciate it.   I have no updated photo because of this wonderful bench, because the area I created the bench in is now our chicken coop and so I am storing my beautiful cushions once again.

4 - 4x4x12 pieces of wood I used the cheapest I could fine
8-12 Cinder blocks  (using 12 the bench was a little high, my feet didn't touch the ground so we dug where the blocks sat so it would sit lower.  Or you could do away with the top row 4 blocks and have it sit lower. It's a personal preference thing as well as hight.)
1 Tube Concrete Adhesive
Cushions Optional

 Thrifty Thursday


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