Mama Bear and Her Three Cubs Adventure (2)

So Faith's birthday came and went we celebrated in Durango, CO, such a cute little town!  We checked out some bee place with yummy honey, a fish hatchery and the beautiful Animas River wish we had brought our rafts so we could float down it but still enjoyed playing on the edge of it!  Then we checked out the mall.  The birthday girl wanted to go shopping but didn't realized not all malls are like the one we have at home!   So off to a brewery for dinner!   Here is the birthday girls enjoying her bacon topped dessert!  Then we took dad to the Airport and the adventure of being solo with the kids began.  Then back at the campsite we found out the Elks lodge in the town we were in was having a fireworks display.  What a way to end her birthday!

Sunday was a recoup day!  Doing laundry, swimming, studding and the all important going to the market to stock up on food.  Forgot that we have limited cooler space so we had to eat quite a lot that night so we could fit all the food in the two coolers we have!

Stop #4 Zion.  Monday we left early to head to Zion.  We had a guy swerve from the other lane on one of those two lane road into our land then off into the side of the road.  Scary but also served as my morning coffee in waking me up!  The drive from Mesa Verde to Zion was beautiful and filled with lot's of people on the side of the road looking at the eclipse.  I didn't see but saw pictures of it.  We arrived Monday afternoon in enough time to float down the river a bit!

So lucky right outside out campground was this cute little gelato place we walked to each night for ice cream!  And yes we have a few more adventures with us!  The Saneffs came and meet us in Zion. Thank you friends!
 The big two set up their hammocks and slept outside.  Thankfully it never rained!  Kelsey is checking in with friends!

 Even got in a little standing bow!

 This is the view from out campground!  Just amazing.  I love ZION!
 We loved stop #4!
This was a group photo, but I was filming!  We are on our way to Canyon Overlook Trail! Amazing!

We left Zion and headed to St. George for a night at a hotel for Kelsey to prepare for taking the SAT Saturday morning.  We loved the pool, the burger place in the hotel and a gym so excited to get a little work out in!

Off to Stop #5 Great Basin!


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