Mama Bear and Her Three Cubs Adventure

I had high hopes of planning, preparing, organizing and charting.  But my summer took off and I "Bearly" got myself to the Grand Canyon.  Which was the start of our epic adventure.

It started over the summer more and more I found myself disconnecting from people, from relationships and from fun so I could be productive and get stuff done.  So much so I finally found myself day dreaming about an escape.  A way to feel, connect, care and engage with others and nature.  I usually have a good balance and operate in a consciousness about maintaining that balance.  But I think the vice of that is that it can feel all the same.  And in an attempt to expand, to go beyond the comfort of my maintainable balance I undertook a little project that I thought would just occupy a few hours a few nights a week. Suddenly it became all consuming... 13 and 17 hours days became the norm, where I would eat and sleep only.  I kept asking myself how I got here.   Anyway that is what lead to my "bearly" getting myself to the Grand Canyon.

The escape adventure is basically this..... 10 national parks in 2 months (or 6 weeks depending on mama bear).  Taking our pop-up (which for years we keep saying we need to buy another one, but haven't) with us.

Why did I have to get myself to the Grand Canyon, which was the 1st of the 10 National Parks? Here it is......3 years ago I undertook an adventure of hiking Rim to Rim with a great guy from my yoga studio and his extremely welcoming and encouraging friends.  I then invited a friend and we went.  I almost died (not really but I really did feel that way).  It was a week or more recovering and someone had to carry my pack out to lighten my load so I could make it out of the canyon!  All together not the success I was hoping for. So when I was asked if I wanted to do it again.  My response was yes I wanted redemption, to be able to do it with success!  I was going to train, pack well, learn what exact foods I needed, etc.  Although I did do some of that it wasn't how I wanted it to look and not nearly to the degree I wanted either.  I basically threw stuff in a bag and left.   Leaving my husband and 3 kids an incomplete list of things to pack and hoping they would fill in the gaps for me and meet me in the Grand Canyon.

Stop #1 Grand Canyon National Park.  This was my kids first experience and utterly awesome!  20 years ago Jeff and I made our way to the GC for our first time and I found an epic rock and asked him to take my picture (I would insert it here but it's on the home PC) when I met up with the family Kelsey was so excited to show me a picture Jeff took of her... and it's literally the same spot I had asked Jeff to take my picture 20 years early!  How crazy!  Talk about DNA!

Stop #2 Santa Fe, NM.  I can not tell you as a creative artistic person (which I feel like is a past tense label) how long I have wanted to go to this city.  It was truly awesome and we loved seeing a truly creative spot Meow Wolf I highly recommend it!

So on our way to Stop # 3 we stopped at Ghost Ranch.... where Georgia O'keeffe lived and and painted... here is a photo of Kelsey ...

Stop # 3 Mesa Verde.  Talk about terror! Oh my we visited the Balcony house and it was amazing but also terrifying at least if you are afraid of heights!  You can see the terror on my face. It doesn't look like it would be that way but it was! Here we sit in Mesa Verde KOA enjoy WiFi, a pool and the beauty of Colorado.  So that Kelsey can get some studying in for the SAT.

Tomorrow is our youngest Faith's Birthday she'll be 12 and we'll celebrate in Durango and then we'll be sending Papa Bear home.... and then we are solo.  So if you are an adventure and want to meet us let me know.  We'll be heading into Zion, Great Basin then into Yellowstone!  Come hang with us!


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