Mama Bear and her 3 cubs Adventure (3)

So Kelsey completed her SAT in St. George.  Mama got a pedicure for my feet YA YAH!!  The car got a wash and we got our selves ready and packed for Great Basin.  Since it was close to 100 degrees outside I had a brilliant idea to wait and go to the grocery until we were closer to Great Basin.  Rather than having to get a ton of ice for the cooler and trying to keep it all cold. What I didn't know was there would be nothing from St. George to Great Basin.

So we rolled into Great Basin, no food, no ice, hardly any cash (I was planning to hit and ATM, but yep none to be found) and no campsite.  Also Great Basin is the most desolate of all the National Parks we've hit.  But on the way in we spied this little Ranching Exhibit with an old rusty car that called us to take photos.  Kelsey was hoping to have me take her "Senior" photos in every National Park.  So we got out and did a little photo session!

(no picture since I didn't bring my card reader so I just have phone pics and the ones my kids take on their phones)

So after the photo session I'm still hopeful to find a National Park pizza place for food and refreshment......Great Basin is known as a Dark Park .... meaning no light pollution so basically everything was closed and the two campground that were close to the entrance were full.  So we found our selves traveling down a 3.2 mile gravel road to find a campsite.  So much for the clean car!  But we got a spot.  So now for ice, food and water!  We had seen a little cafe by the visitor center and I even spied beer there too!  But since it's dark park everything closes at like 5:30pm!  So we went into the town of Baker which is using the word town very liberally!  If you sneezed as you were driving you literally wouldn't see it.  We spied a "little" market and a sign that said ice!  Stoked we were going to be rescued from drinking potable water at the campground and top ramen for dinner.  Hopes dashed again!  Closed at 7:00 (it was currently 7:30)  We noticed a place people hanging out in and looks like there were eating and walked across the high way.  There was a friendly cat in a sweater to greet us and we walked in to a haven!  Cute restaurant, YUMMMY food!  And their kitchen closed at 8:00 and we sat down and ordered at like 7:58 YEAH!  And they sold ice too!  So we had a campsite, food, water and ice now!  Yeah!

I was thinking that 4 nights in this park might be a little too long, but it wasn't.  I highly recommend this NP if you are looking for Quiet & Dark! It's also a NP that doesn't charge an entrance fee By the way.

The next day we kind got acquainted ourselves with the area and things to do.  We went to the "Market" Which is where a lady goes to Walmart and buys prepackaged foods and comes back separated them and sells them.  It was perfect though and the meat we bought in a plastic bag was excellent!

Before we entered the park we read about the Shoshone Indians and that in this area they were Pine Nut harvesters..... So guess what in Great Basin National Park you can collect pine nuts.  So that's what we did....

The next day we explored the Lehman caves on a 90 minute tour!  AMAZING!  Truly awesome!  It is said that Great Basin has over 80 caves!

Then we headed up to Wheeler Peak and hiked to Apline Lakes  even more beautiful! We saw so much wild life ever where in this park.  Including a baby deer leg... that I'm guessing an animal ate and then left the leg wit the food?

This park is know for being able to see the most of the night sky, including the milky way and 3 nights a week they have an astronomy program.  Jake found a night photography book and discover his interested in night photography, including light painting!  The perfect park to do night photography of the stars!

All in all thumps up for Great Basin.  YOU WILL LITERALLY BE 80 Miles any REAL Market!

We left GBNP and headed to Salt Lake City to stay in a hotel and we all were looking forward to that since there were no showers in GBNP and NO FLUSH TOILETS!  So the hotel was awesome! Then we pick up Papa Bear again and head to Yellowstone National Park.


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