Mama Bear and her 3 Cubs Adventure (4)

Rolling into Yellowstone from the West Side Entrance just be for sunset was an amazing drive!  We hit the paint pots around dusk so the lighting and sunsetting was mazing with all the smoke and I think it really set up this park for all of us!

We camped in Bridge Bay which was a great little stop!  Day 2 we enjoyed driving around the Grand Loop and listening to our own personal tour... thanks to a little app called GyPSy.  We stopped a bunch of places, saw Bison, smelled sulfur and just oohed and awwhed at the majestic beauty of Yellowstone.  We stopped at Old Faithful, parked got out, walked up and it literally went off so lucky!

That night we had an amazing Ranger Program in our campground from a wonderful Ranger that led us through the History of the National Parks!

The next day we had a bit of a more relaxing day.  Did a Ranger program at West Thumb and then sat on the edge of Yellowstone Lake for lunch and some ZZZzzzz's.

The next day we headed out to the North end of the park hoping to get a spot at the Mammoth Campground.  But along the way we decided to try and get ourselves close to where Jeff had to catch a flight in Montana near Glacier.  Which was our next stop.

But there were fires everywhere it felt like!  We drove most of that day in smoke through Montana.  Stopping in the the very smokey town of Missoula for the night.  But to our surprise our Hotel had a Grand Piano and Kelsey stayed up till midnight practicing.   We took Jeff to the Airport and then tried to get our selves to my Cousins in Coeur d'Alene which would hopeful only be a 3 1/2 hr drive.  Bummed to have been SO close to Glacier which was the one park I was most looking forward to revisiting!  But it wasn't going to work out.  About 10 min outside of my cousins....we hit MAJOR traffic.  We moved like 2 miles in 2 hours.  We got of the fwy took a very sketch side road (VERY WINDY) and gravel..  I was a bit terrified... but I just followed a few bigger rigs and hoped for the best!  When we got to CdA it was smokey too!


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